Zip Dressing Frames

Description of Materials

  • Wooden frame on which are pinned two flaps of cloth with a zip sewn in the middle between the flaps, holding them together.


  • Direct Aims :

    • To teach a child how to zip and unzip.
  • Indirect Aims :
    • To develop the child’s eye-hand coordination
    • To develop the child’s fine motor control
    • To develop the child’s concentration
    • To develop the child’s independence
    • To satisfy the child’s need for order

Control of Error

  • The zip are attached.


  • The presentation is given in silence.The names are given later if the child enquires and the language is extended with any appropriate words to describe the activity.Appropriate words can be – pull.

Approximate age

  • From 2 ½ years onwards.


  • This is an individual presentation.
  • Teacher invites the child to the dressing frame stand and introduce the particular dressing frame, saying "This is the zip dressing frame".
  • Teacher show the child how to carry the dressing frame to the selected work area on the table. Teacher place the dressing frame on the table in front of the child.
  • Teacher shows the child how to unzip. Place the left hand on the left side of the flap. Pull the zip head down with the thumb and index finger of the right hand right to the end.
  • Then teacher shows the child how to zip up. Place the left hand right at the bottom of the zip, holding both the flaps down. Pull the zip head with the thumb and index finger of the right hand all the way up.
  • When exercise is completed, teacher shows the child how to take the frame and place it back on the dressing frame stand. Explain to the child that he needs to return the frame back to its place so that others can work on it. He may work on the materials anytime he wishes to, on his own.